Treibball is a sport designed to play and have fun with dogs. The aim of the discipline is to teach the dogs to interact with 8 balls positioned in a triangular shape (like in pool) and move the balls across the distance to the handlers, positioned in football nets, as fast as possible, trying to score!
It’s open to everyone: to dogs of all races and half-breeds



Discipline Manager: Monica Civelli

Participants: handler aged 10-65

Senior: handlers older than 65 or with a disability that limits their ability to compete

Only the BEGINNER CLASS will be present at the DOG.

Dog sizes: Standard: dogs taller than 40cm measured at the whither; Small: dogs smaller than 40cm

Dog ages: from 6-month-olds to 10-year-olds

Special dogs: dogs of an advanced age (older than 10) or with a physical disability

All competitions are open to all dogs. Points earned at the DOG will also be valid in the FICSS Treibball championship.


Duration: each full round lasts 7 minutes for each duo

Time is taken from the starting signal given by the time-keeper (whistle).

The handler takes the dog to the starting point where the dog is left in the sit position until the handler has reached one of the nets. After the whistle blow, the game begins, the handler sends the dog from the starting point to the tip of the triangle made of balls (whose number will be based on the level of difficulty). The handler has to keep their arms down their side until the whistle has been blown. The balls are to be taken into the football nets within the set 7 minutes. The dog can break the triangle up and after the balls have been moved, the dog has to take the down position opposite the nets.  The whistle will be blown again once the 7 minutes have passed, it won’t matter how many balls have been moved to the nets, the game will have ended.

Ball size and positioning:  Standard: balls varying from 45cm to 85cm in size that are appropriate to dogs will be used, according to regulations; Small: balls varying from 25cm to 45cm in size that are appropriate to dogs will be used, according to regulations.

Dog Olympic Games

Dog Olympic Games