Tunnel Cup

Regulation tunnel Cup The dog-competitor must make the path indicated by the number sequence The path will begin with an obstacle jump and will end with an obstacle jump. Between the two obstacles jumps will be placed exclusively tunnel rigid Dog-competitor are divided into categories like Agility (Small – Medium – Large) The path composed of a minimum of 16 obstacles and a maximum of 20 obstacles There isn’t elimination but the obligation of numerical sequence For the slaughter of batten jumping penalty 5 seconds.




Discipline Manager: Christian Oggioni

Tunnel Cup qualifiers: The following will qualify for the final on Sunday the 23rd of September: the first 10 large category duos, the first 10 in the medium and the first 10 in the small categories, from the qualifiers. Programme: Friday 21st September – Afternoon – Small and Medium categories together, the first 10 duos will qualify for the final; Saturday 22nd September – Morning – Large category, the first 10 duos will qualify for the final.

Dog Olympic Games

Dog Olympic Games