All dogs that are at least 18 months of age can participate.
It is an educational and athletic ensemble of activities which improves the relationships between handler and dog. This discipline entails a harmonious rapport between dog and handler, and it will result in a unique understanding between the two; therefore, it is necessary that the participants have received basic training.

Competition fields are marked by the letter A in the map of the resort.
4 competition fields will be set up for qualifiers and only 1 for the final.

All Agility and Tunnel Cup activities will take place on a designated field with synthetic grass, measuring 104.7mx66.8m, which will be divided into 4 regulatory fields to host up to 4 competitions at the same time. The “Prestige” field with synthetic grass guarantees elasticity of the soil and permeability, which are the optimal conditions for all types of weather. The field is lit by four 21.5m tall light towers with 24 2000Watt lights.

Dog Olympic Games

Dog Olympic Games